Pithauli Service Project by Rotary Club of Kasthamandap Attended by Interact Club of Little Angels’ School

Project: Pithauli Service Project 

Brief Details:

Date : 4th March to 6th March 2023
Club: Interact Club of Little Angels’ School
Venue: Pithuli Village Healthpost, Nawalpur
Hosted/participated: Participated
Joint/ Individual: Joint Project with Rotary Club of Kasthamandap
Area of focus: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Basic Education and Literacy
Avenue: Community Service Avenue


The Pithauli Service project is a legacy project of the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap. This year the president, Itr. Sinchu Bhurtel and Itr. Rajaswi Ghimire the secretary, joined Rotary Club of Kasthamandap during the project. The project avenue is itself an interesting subject as Pithauli Village has been also known by name of “Rotary Village”, The members of the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap also happen to be pioneers of the development of the secondary school and health post there. This year a free dental and eye camp was conducted in the village’s health post because the villagers didn’t have service of Ophthalmology and dentistry at their local health service providers. Along with that wheelchairs, electric stoves, and kettles were distributed to normal citizens of villagers. Interact Club of Little Angels’ did donate sanitation materials for school children that can sustain them for at least 3 months.

1. To provide free healthcare
2. To encourage the development of children through sports
3. To promote sustainable ways of living
4. To develop a healthy living environment and fight diseases

Project summary:
The event was 3 days long. Taking place outside the valley, the car journey took us about 6 hours each to reach the place and get back. On the first day, we departed from Radisson Hotel, and by 1 pm we reached Devghat where we stopped for a break. Around 5 Pm we reached our residential stay and went to Saswat Dham for fellowship and Pooja later in the evening. The first day was occupied with travel and fellowship as we had a big day waiting ahead of us.
Right after breakfast on the second day, we began our Pithauli Service Project by setting up the venue for free dental and eye camp as well as the opening ceremony. The doctor of the respective field shortly started seeing and checking up on the villagers. If the treatment was short and not concerning, the villagers were provided with immediate relief and if not, they were referred to another hospital where they would be treated. As the doctors were occupied, the Rotarians and interactors helped the donation process run smoothly. About 10 wheelchairs were donated to disabled citizens living around Pithauli Village and the villagers were giving electric stoves and kettles- a better alternative to gas stoves and a reusable source of energy – electricity
The health post in Pithauli, Nawalpur was located in the local school where a lot of students and locals from other villages came to attend school. The school kids were distributed with school bags, copies, and pens encouraging them towards educational attainment. As supplements, the sports materials such as badminton rackets, footballs, and basketballs were provided to school children encouraging them towards the inclusive educational system, where extracurricular activities are taken equally into consideration
Further, the school was provided with cleaning materials involving detergent, mops, cleaners, etc. The Interact Club of Little Angels’ School also provided about 25 soaps estimating that it will sustain for about 3 months. Interact Club of Little Angels’ School also exchanged the flag with the headmaster of the school and with the health post.

The event was a massive success, the event went on at a great pace and the villagers were treated with care and dignity throughout the donations and health camp. We express our immense gratitude and love towards the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap for helping us grow and change lives all around.

Pictures from the event

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Message from Rtn. R. Gordon R. McInally

Dear Interactors,

It is my pleasure to send greetings to you! I hope that this website connects you with partners in service—your fellow young leaders and Rotary members within District 3292. At Rotary, we are fortunate to have some of the best youth programs in the world. When you join with us in acts of service, you help make the world a better place and gain leadership skills for life. Throughout the year, we will be focusing on all the ways that Rotary creates hope – and I can think of nothing more hopeful than a new generation of enthusiastic young leaders, eager to build a brighter future. Rotary needs you – and the world needs you. We want you to feel empowered to help build peace through your acts of service and by offering genuine friendships through Interact. Everything you do in Interact helps bring generations together and creates lasting change. But most of all, we have lots of fun along the way! Thank you for joining us to Create Hope in the World.

Warm regards,

R. Gordon R. Mcinally
President, Rotary International 2023-24

Message from Itr. Biplob Thapa

Dear fellow Interactors,
I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Itr. Itr. Beepin Subedi and the entire team on the successful completion of a remarkable year filled with the power of selfdiscovery and exploration.

In harmony with Rotary International President Rtn. Gordon R. McInally’s theme of ‘CreateHope in the World’ and Interact District’s theme ‘Interact For Impact’, I am filled with optimismto have seen dedicated leaders embark on the noble path of service, creating a milestone impact. Every single Rotarian, Rotaractor, and Interactor is to be equally thanked and praised for how far the interact movement has come. By embracing opportunities, leading by example, and fostering fellowship, I am confident that the Interact movement has flourished magnificently, serving as a source of inspiration and cherished lifelong experiences.

The accomplishments of District 3292 in the past years have been truly inspiring and noteworthy. Through impactful service projects and active involvement, District 3292 consistently strives to make a positive difference, setting a remarkable example of what Interact stands for. Looking ahead, I firmly believe that Interact District 3292 and the entire Interact movement will continue to prosper and have profound significance.

This year, I am sure to see the same enthusiasm and leadership and its impact on the entire Interact movement. I strongly encourage all the Interactors to wholeheartedly embrace the new challenges and opportunities that await them with an open mind and a positive outlook. I urge Interact clubs to continue their tradition of excellence and strive for an even greater impact. The dedication and devotion showcased by Interactors should not be limited to a confined space; rather, it should transcend boundaries and create a significant impact on communities and the whole Interact Movement.

I would like to once again extend my warm regards to everyone who enthusiastically geared up to strengthen the roots of the Interact movement. Certainly, the unyielding dedication and strong commitment of the Interactors will make the Rotary movement stronger and have a strong impact on the Interact movement. I am eagerly looking forward to making a meaningful impact, driven by the unwavering belief in ‘Interact for Impact.’ I wholeheartedly believe that by standing united, we possess the strength and capability to mark extraordinary impacts.

Yours in Interact,

Itr. Biplob Thapa
District Interact Representative 2023-24
Rotary International District 3292- Nepal & Bhutan

Message from Rtn. Rajendra Prasad Dhoju

Dear Presidents and Interactors,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your district team for RY 2023-24 and would like to offer my best wishes to you, your dream team and all the members of your district and club for a successful tenure.
I feel immense pleasure for getting an opportunity to express my views and happiness through this club Souvenir of RY 2023-2024. This Souvenir is one of the important documents and covers the information. I hope this Souvenir will definitely give more information about the team members to make strong coordination and communication to make better world.
Rotary International President of RY 2023-2024, R. Gordon R. McInally called for members to capture the world's attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations. McInally, revealed the 2023- 24 presidential theme “Create Hope in the World”. He urged members to promote peace in troubled nations, help those affected by conflict, and maintain the momentum of initiatives begun by past leaders.
We must understand that we engage ourselves in service projects for the poor and needy communities and we can change the lives of those who are suffering. Rotary leadership, despite the fact that lasts only for one year, can be life changing if we can use the potential of our team and members of the club.
The theme of RI District 3292 for Rota Year 2023-24 is “Light of Hope”. Hope your club will go out all the way to achieve the RI Theme "CREATE

With regards,

Rajendra Prasad Dhoju
District Governor 2023-2024

Message from Rtr. Roshan Karki

Dear District Interact Representatives Itr. Biplov, and Fellow Interactors,
Warm greetings and a heartfelt Namaste to each and every one of you.
With immense joy and deep emotion, I extend my sincerest congratulations to Itr. Biplov Thapa on his appointment as the esteemed Interact District Representative (DIR) of our Interact District 3292 for Rotary Year 2023-24. Biplov, your unwavering dedication and passion for service shine brightly, and I am confident that under your visionary leadership, our Interact clubs will flourish and leave an indelible mark on our communities. Your commitment to making a difference serves as a powerful inspiration to us all.

I would also like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all the Interact Club Presidents for stepping into your new roles. Each one of you brings unique talents and perspectives that will undoubtedly enrich our joint efforts in serving humanity. As you embark on this new journey, please know that your unwavering dedication to service touches the lives of countless individuals in profound ways.

As we move forward together, let us embrace the true spirit of collaboration and open communication. The bond between Rotaract and Interact is not merely a formality but an essential force that drives meaningful change in our world. Together, we have the power to create a stronger, more sustainable impact and inspire positive transformation in the lives of those we touch.

I urge all Interactors and Interact Club Presidents to reach out and connect with their respective Rotaract clubs. Our Rotaract members eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you on projects and initiatives that align with our shared mission. By working hand in hand, we can foster a spirit of service that transcends boundaries and brings hope to those in need.

In the pursuit of our collective goals, please remember that your ideas, projects, and dreams matter immensely. Share them with us, and together, we shall explore innovative ways to amplify our impact and leave a lasting legacy of service that reverberates for generations to come.

Dear friends, the power of Rotary lies not only in our ability to unite but also in the profound emotional connections we forge through service. Let us carry the torch of compassion and empathy, touching lives with love and making a tangible difference in the world.

Once again, congratulations to DIR Itr. Biplov Thapa on his well-deserved role, and I wholeheartedly look forward to an exciting and impactful year ahead. Together, let us weave a tapestry of service that leaves an everlasting impression on the lives we touch.

With heartfelt gratitude and warm wishes,

Rtr. Roshan Karki
District Rotaract Representative (DRR) 2023-24
Rotary International District 3292

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